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BACKGROUND Systematic reviews (SRs) of TCM have become increasingly popular in China and have been published in large numbers. This review provides the first examination of epidemiological characteristics of these SRs as well as compliance with the PRISMA and AMSTAR guidelines. OBJECTIVES To examine epidemiological and reporting characteristics as well as(More)
During remodeling progress post myocardial infarction, the contribution of neoangiogenesis to the infarct-bed capillary is insufficient to support the greater demands of the hypertrophied but viable myocardium resulting in further ischemic injury to the viable cardiomyocytes at risk. Here we reported the bio-assay-guided identification and isolation of(More)
In this study, we investigated the effects of DDR1 on the invasion and metastasis in gastric cancer (GC) via epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT). Immunohistochemistry analysis was used to detect DDR1, E-cadherin, and Vimentin expression in GC tissues as well as DDR1 expression in GC cell lines and normal gastric epithelial cells. The relationship(More)
OBJECTIVE: To compare the advantages and disadvantages of emergency percutaneous coronary intervention through the left radial artery with those of emergency percutaneous coronary intervention through the femoral artery. METHODS: A total of 206 patients with acute myocardial infarction who required emergency percutaneous coronary intervention and were(More)
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