Guoqing Dong

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Wheat prolamin-box binding factor (WPBF), a DOF transcription factor previously was isolated from wheat endosperm and suggested to function as an activator of prolamin gene expression during seed development. In this study, we showed that WPBF is expressed in all wheat tissues analyzed, and a protein, TaQM, was identified from a wheat root cDNA library, to(More)
Grid based computational infrastructure is a promising next generation computing platform for solving large-scale resources- intensive problems. With the developing Grid technologies and applications, the research on the Grid monitoring system gets increasingly essential and significant. As far as the present research are concerned, there exist two mainly(More)
The Dof (DNA binding with one finger) proteins are plant specific transcription factors. Dof proteins are apparently encoded by a multiple gene family in higher plants. However, only one Dof gene, WPBF, was reported in wheat. In this study, a member of Dof gene family, TaDof1, was cloned from wheat. TaDof1 encode 291 amino acids, with a predicted molecular(More)
Along with the development of grid computing and cloud computing, finite computing resources supplied by stand-alone server usually become the bottleneck in the process of system implementation of online trading platform. Moreover, It is difficult to reuse algorithm module and the system also becomes more complicated to achieve. Traditional online trading(More)
With the flourish of the Web, online review is become a more and more useful and important information resource for people. As a result, automatic review mining has become a hot research topic recently. Traditional review mining based on feature extracts product feature and opinion word independently, and seldom considers their association information. In(More)
This paper proposes a printable chipless tag that encodes more bits than a conventional tag, and also a dual circularly polarized (CP) reader that achieves high isolation as well as insensitive orientation. To demonstrate this concept, a radio-frequency identification (RFID) tag with a compact size of 12mm × 12mm is designed to encode 8 bits covering(More)
The P2P data integration system aims to combine the advantages of P2P technologies and data integration to overcome centralized data integration systems' shortcomings. Kademlia, as a widely used and efficient network protocol for P2P files sharing system, has a very clear logical structure, and with its unique identifying pattern of nodes and XOR metric for(More)
Significant genetic variations in N and P nutritional traits exist under combined conditions of soil P deficiency and N deposition and interactively contribute to growth benefits. Forest ecosystems encounter combined conditions of soil phosphorus (P) deficiency and atmospheric nitrogen (N) deposition. As such, determining genetic variations and interactions(More)