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Deposition technology of transparent conducting oxide (TCO) thin films is critical for high performance of optoelectronic devices. Solution-based fabrication methods can result in substantial cost reduction and enable broad applicability of the TCO thin films. Here we report a simple and highly effective solution process to fabricate indium-tin oxide (ITO)(More)
Sword-like anatase TiO2 nanobelts exposed with 78% clean {100} facets were synthesized and the facet-dependent photoreactivity of anatase TiO2 was investigated. By quantitative comparison with the reference {001} facets, the {100} facets possessed about ten-times higher active sites density than that on {001} facets, resulting in higher photoreaction(More)
Ullmann coupling of 4-bromobiphenyl thermally catalyzed on Ag(111), Cu(111) and Cu(100) surfaces was scrutinized by scanning tunneling microscopy as well as theoretical calculations. Detailed experimental evidence showed that whether the initially formed organometallic intermediate self-assembled or sparsely dispersed at surfaces essentially determined its(More)
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