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Although microorganisms have the potential to reduce metals, products with elementary forms are unusual. In the present study, a strain of Pseudomonas sp. MBR was tested for its ability to reduce metal ions to their elementary forms coupled to biomineralization under aerobic conditions. The Pseudomonas sp. MBR strain was able to reduce metals such as(More)
Resource management continuity is indispensable against illegal resource dissemination and usage in open environment, which should be guaranteed by an effective constraint management mechanism. In detail, it includes two requirements, (1) guaranteeing resource dissemination continuability and purpose-consistency on the dissemination topology, and (2)(More)
The anaerobic digestion (AD) and microbial electrolysis cell (MEC) coupled system has been proved to be a promising process for biomethane production. In this paper, it was found that by co-cultivating Geobacter with Methanosarcina in an AD-MEC coupled system, methane yield was further increased by 24.1%, achieving to 360.2 mL/g-COD, which was comparable to(More)
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