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Fluctuation voltage control and fault‐tolerant operation of modular multilevel converters with zero‐sequence injection
SUMMARY This paper focuses on voltage fluctuation mitigation and fault-tolerant control methods for modular multilevel converters (MMC). The reason for MMC output fluctuation caused by theExpand
Key technologies of VSC-HVDC and its application on offshore wind farm in China
In recent years, wind power industry has been flourishing and in China the focus has been gradually shifted from land-based to offshore wind farms. There are many advantages for offshore wind farms,Expand
Simulation analysis of a new electric dynamic load simulator based on double-stator permanent-magnet synchronous motor
In order to increase the bandwidth of a electric dynamic load simulator and restrain redundancy torque acting on rudder, parallel double stator permanent magnet synchronous motor is used as theExpand
Input-Output Linearization and Predictive Current Controller for Offshore Wind Farm VSC-HVDC
In this paper, a nonlinear controller for VSC-HVDC transmission system is proposed. The feedback linearization based nonlinear differential-geometric techniques is used to cancel nonlinearities andExpand
The key technologies and development of offshore wind farm in China
China is one of the largest energy consumers in the world. Excessive consumption of coal and other primary energy causes serious environmental pollution and energy crisis. China must wean from theExpand
Small-Capacity Experimental Prototype of VSC-HVDC for Offshore Wind Farm
VSC-HVDC is one of the proven solutions for the transmission problem of offshore wind power. The structure of back-to-back with two-level converters was adopted for wind farm and grid side, in thisExpand
Research on direct power control of modular multilevel converter based VSC-HVDC for offshore wind farm
Control methods for novel modular multilevel converter (MMC) were studied and applied to voltage source converter based HVDC (VSC-HVDC) for offshore wind farm. The system output characteristics underExpand
Prediction on Hydrodynamic Performances of Propeller by OpenFOAM
In this paper the flow around a propeller is simulated by open source CFD tool-OpenFOAM. In order to validate the availability of OpenFOAM code in the field of propeller theory, the steadyExpand