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This paper analyzes the relationship between the service demand of the rural labor and the related government department. It gives the organizational structure and concludes the three functions: employment service, the maintenance of the rights and interests and the skill training of the information service system, which studies the network model and the(More)
This paper gives the development of environmental liability insurance at home and abroad, analyzes the main process of this kind of insurance, summarizes the main problems including the scope and premium being unreasonable and the legal system being imperfect etc. in China. Finally, some measures to perfect the environmental liability insurance in China(More)
The off-farm employment services of rural labors have great importance to increase the rural labors' income and lessen the difference between the urban and rural. The paper firstly analyzes the demands of the off-farm employment service and its contents: employment services, training services, rights maintenance and social security services, and cultural(More)
With the analysis of the features of image edge based on the defocused model of optical imaging system, a blur estimation and detection method for out-of-focus images is proposed. The essential idea is to estimate the parameter of the point spread function, which reflects the blurriness of image. Based on the notion, the proposed method estimates the(More)
There is an urgent need for the government to provide effective off-farm employment services for rural labors. Because of weak information characteristics, the rural labors can’t get off-farm employee service information effectively and timely. The aim of this paper is establishing rural off-farm employee information service system (ROFEISS)based(More)
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Because of income level, time constraints, short of training institution, rural labors are difficult to accept traditional face-to-face skill training. This paper analysis the advantages of using distance education in rural labor training for transfer. Then it gives the distance education model and learning model in rural labor training for transfer. The(More)
This paper gives the calculating method on the optimizing combination about material and insulation thickness of external walls based on Life Cycle Cost Analysis. It is divided into two steps: first, computing the optimum insulation thickness and relevant LCC of all materials; second, comparing all of the LCC, if the Kth in the material life-cycle cost is(More)
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