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Linux over the past few years has gained in popularity as the operating system for embedded networking equipment. Its reliability, low cost and undisputed networking capabilities made it one of the most popular choices for the networking devices. But traditional software network interfaces in Linux do not deliver satisfactory real-time performance. Hence(More)
PCI Express will serve as a general purpose I/O interconnect for a wide variety of future computing and communications platforms. While, SCSI(Small Computer Systems Interface) has emerged as a popular protocol in the storage world and like Linux, it is open source. Since the SCSI controller based on PCI Express bus has become increasingly important storage(More)
CCD image usually has a huge amount of data with high-resolution, therefore it is difficult to transport the image data real-timely in real project. In the traditional method, we usually first capture and then transport the image data through parallel interfaces, which possess large area and pins in the resource limited embedded system. We advance a new(More)
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