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Intelligent software agent technology has been widely used in manufacturing to make plants more agile and dynamic to satisfy frequently changed requirements from market. After illustrating agent applications in measurement and manufacturing, a multi-agent architecture for measurement system for advanced manufacturing with characteristics of distribution,(More)
A multi-stable and electrically switchable cholesteric liquid crystal based on chiral ionic liquid is demonstrated. The cholesteric liquid crystal can be switched among the planar texture, focal conic texture, wide-band reflected state, and fingerprint texture by applying specific electric fields. Each of these four states exists stably for several hours(More)
In this paper, a new algorithm to achieve the stereo display from the monocular image was proposed, which is based on the 3D reconstruction algorithm together with the mutual information image matching algorithm. The 3D shape was firstly reconstructed from the gray image by an improved SFS (shape from shading) algorithm, and then the simulated human visual(More)
1,6-bis(trichlorosilyl)hexane (C6Cl), polystyrene (PS), and cross-linked polystyrene (CPS) were investigated as gate dielectric modified layers for high performance organic transistors. The influence of the surface energy, roughness and morphology on the charge transport of the organic thin-film transistors (OTFTs) was investigated. The surface energy and(More)
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