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In this paper, a novel algorithm based on particle optimization algorithm (PSO) and chaos optimization algorithm (COA) is presented to solve traveling salesman problem. Some new operators are proposed to overcome the difficulties of implementing PSO into solving the discreet problems. Meanwhile embedded with chaos optimization algorithm (COA) it can enhance(More)
This paper presents our recent efforts, ZenLDA, an efficient and scalable Collapsed Gibbs Sampling (CGS) system for Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) training, which is thought to be challenging that both data parallelism and model parallelism are required because of the Big sampling data with up to billions of documents and Big model size with up to(More)
Effectiveness forecast of especial vehicle is important in vehicle development and compare research. This paper establishes forecast model of vehicle effectiveness by factors analysis with interpretability, and RBF (radial basis function) neural networks with short training time and precise function. Secondly, the result of forecasted and original is(More)
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