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1 Aims Due to extreme importance of security protocols in the modern world, to ensure security protocols to be more reliable, and to speed up the development of new protocols, it is important to have tools that support the activity of finding flaws in protocols, or guaranteeing correctness of protocols. Various formalisms for the specification of security(More)
We propose an approach to assess the quality of fingerprint samples captured by smartphone cameras under real-life scenarios. Our approach extracts a set of quality features for image blocks. Without needing segmentation, the approach determines a sample's quality by checking all image blocks divided from the sample and for each block a trained support(More)
It is becoming feasible and promising to use general purposed smartphone cameras as fingerprint scanners due to the rapidly improvement of smartphone hardware performance. We propose an approach to qualify the fingerprint samples generated by smartphones' cameras under real-life scenarios. Firstly, our approach extracts 6 quality features for each image(More)
Automatic fingerprint identification systems (AFIS) are getting prevalent around the world, and the size of fingerprint databases involved in AFIS is continuously growing. Thus, studying fingerprint indexing algorithms is desirable in order to facilitate the search process in alarge-scale database. In this paper,wefirstly propose a feature extraction method(More)
Due to the uniqueness and persistent properties of the biometric fingerprint characteristics, large scale in border control and governmental applications such as the Aadhaar project in India, the Visa Information System (VIS) in Europe and US-VISIT / IDENT system in the USA are based on fingerprint recognition and generally contain millions of fingerprint(More)
Using one password for all web services is not secure because the leakage of the password compromises all the web services accounts, while using independent passwords for different web services is inconvenient for the identity claimant to memorize. A password manager is used to address this security-convenience dilemma by storing and retrieving multiple(More)
This paper proposes an approach to qualifying fingerprint samples captured by smartphone cameras under real-life scenarios, foreseeing the future application using such general purposed cameras as fingerprint sensors. In this approach, a sample image is first divided into non-overlapping blocks. Then a 7-dimensional feature vector will be formed from the(More)