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— Previous homography-based visual servo controllers have been developed using an error system that contains a singularity resulting from the representation of the rotation matrix. For some aerospace applications such as visual servo control of satellites or air vehicles, the singularity introduced by the rotation representation may be restrictive. To(More)
—In this paper, an adaptive homography-based visual servo tracking controller is developed for the camera-in-hand problem using a quaternion formulation to represent rotation tracking error. The desired trajectory in the tracking problem is encoded by a sequence of images (e.g., a video sequence), and Lyapunov methods are employed to facilitate the control(More)
—Modeling and compensation for friction effects has been a topic of considerable mainstream interest in motion control research. This interest is spawned from the fact that modeling nonlinear friction effects is a theoretically challenging problem, and compensating for the effects of friction in a controller has practical ramifications. If the friction(More)
—We extend the computation and information sharing capabilities of networked robotics by proposing a cloud robotic architecture. The cloud robotics architecture leverages the combination of a virtual ad-hoc cloud formed by machine-to-machine (M2M) communications among participating robots, and an infrastructure cloud enabled by machine-to-cloud (M2C)(More)
The control of dynamic systems that undergo an impact collision is both theoretically challenging and of practical importance. An appeal of studying systems that undergo an impact is that short-duration effects such as high stresses, rapid dissipation of energy, and fast acceleration and deceleration may be achieved from low-energy sources. However,(More)
A metal-polymer composite with unusual properties, " evaluation of two commercial force sensors for applications in biome-chanics and motor control, " presented at the Int. Evaluation of a sensor for low interface pressure applications, " Med. contact area, force, and pressure for bioengineering applications: Using Fuji film and Tekscan systems, " Med. the(More)
A survey of extreme point results for robustness of control systems, " Positive polynomials and robust stabilization with fixed-order controllers, " IEEE Trans. Automat. Root location of an entire polytope of polynomials: It suffices to check the edges, " Abstract—In this technical note, a robust adaptive uncalibrated visual servo controller is proposed to(More)