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Nanosized graphene quantum dots were prepared by acid etching of carbon fibers and used as effective substrate supports for platinum nanoparticles which were synthesized by thermolytic reduction of platinum(II) chloride in ethylene glycol. Transmission electron microscopic measurements showed that the resulting nanocomposite (Pt/G) particles exhibited an(More)
Silver nanoparticles capped by a variety of organic ligands (i.e., 1-hexanethiol, 1-octyne, and 4-trifluoro-methylphenyl fragments) were synthesized by a chemical reduction route, with the resulting nanoparticles denoted as AgSC6, AgHC8, and AgPhCF3, respectively. The nanoparticle structures were characterized by using a variety of techniques including NMR,(More)
Sub-terahertz (THz) frequency is attracting extensive interests for a wide range of applications. Electronically tunable phase shifters as one of the key building blocks in sub-THz systems, especially waveguide based phase shifters, encounter difficulties in both design and fabrication. In this paper, an electronically tunable rectangular metallic waveguide(More)
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