Guoqiang Ding

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Considering the characteristic and computation superiority of quaternion representing body attitude movement information, and aiming at the initial alignment procedure of strap-down inertial navigation system (SINS) with large initial misalignment angles, this paper develops its multiplicative quaternion error model. With the faults analysis of traditional(More)
In order to improve the estimation precise of particle filtering algorithm in the state estimation problems of transfer alignment (TA) nonlinear systems for large initial misalignment angles, based on the UKPF theory, this paper developed the CDDPF algorithm which made use of the CDDF algorithm as the proposal distribution. The CDDF Algorithm based on(More)
Based on multivariate distribution F-deviation representative point of number theory, an improved Deterministic Particle Filter (DPF) algorithm is presented in this paper, in which unequal weight is used for particle generation, important particle sampling and particle re-sampling. To meet the actual needs, a nonlinear transfer alignment model for Airborne(More)
* This work is fully supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No.60674087). Abstract Proceeding from actual needs of AINS initial alignment technology, this paper is specific to rigidity carrier ship, and it deduces the model equations of Airborne Inertial Navigation System’s velocity and acceleration (ecificforce) with the(More)
Based on the detailedly overview of SINS error modeling method, this paper discusses the SINS’ error models with different math expression methods within the same reference coordinate system, and their relationship. As well it discusses the conversion relationship of certain mathematical error model between different reference coordinate systems.(More)
With provision for minishing the influence of higher-order truncation error in DDFII algorithm on the state estimation problem of transfer alignment (TA) with large misalignment angles, it developed the Iterated DDFII (IDDFII) algorithm. This algorithm applied the estimation value of state vector to linearize the nonlinear system function more times based(More)
This paper analyzes reasons of ship-carrier deck deformation and its effect on parameters of SINS Attitude Heading Reference System (SAHRS). With second order Markov stochastic process theory it constructs ship's deck deformation model. According to inertial measurement matching method, it formulates the dynamic system equation and the observation equation(More)
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