Guoqiang Cai

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This paper presents an approach to model the nonlinear dynamic behaviors of the Automatic Depth Control Electrohydraulic System (ADCES) of a certain mine-sweeping weapon using Radial Basis Function (RBF) neural networks. In order to obtain accurate RBF neural networks efficiently, a hybrid learning algorithm is proposed to train the neural networks, in(More)
Neurotransmitter transporters play a major role in achieving low concentrations of their respective transmitter in the synaptic cleft. The GABA transporter GAT1 belongs to the family of Na(+)- and Cl(-)-coupled transport proteins which possess 12 putative transmembrane domains and three N-glycosylation sites in the extracellular loop between transmembrane(More)
Based on primary theory of wavelet packet transformation, the signal of rolling bearing fault was processed, The signal characteristic can be effective withdrawn from the actual signal after wavelet packet decomposition and restructuring, Then, using Fourier transform, it presents an approach to get the frequency of fault signal. The experimental result(More)
The method of improved wavelet transform neural network based on hybrid GA(genetic algorithm) is presented to diagnose rolling bearings faults in this paper. Genetic Artificial Neural Networks(GA-ANN) overcomes BP neural network’s fault of slow convergence, long hours of training, and falling into the local minimum point. And First, the signal is processed(More)
Dynamic observer provides more freedom to meet the diversified performance specifications for fault detection purpose in contrast with static observer. However, little attention is paid on its design and only a few papers investigated how to design a fault detection dynamic observer. In this work, we propose an innovative dynamic observer design approach(More)
This paper is to propose a fault knowledge acquisition method for metro vehicles fault diagnosis at present, the lack of metro vehicles fault diagnosis knowledge and the difficulty of acquiring the fault diagnosis knowledge hinder the development of fault diagnosis for metro vehicles. On the basis of profounding analysis of the mechanism for the forming of(More)
Fulfilling system integrated requirement of unitive resource management is the key issue of urban rail transit safety monitoring system. To solve this problem, firstly, this paper analyses the value chain of information flow. Then, it proposes alliance structure model and assesses method of compositive safety system. A model is also established for choosing(More)
A novel approach to construct accurate and interpretable fuzzy classification system based on hybrid co-evolution algorithm is proposed in this paper. First, the necessary conditions of interpretability are analyzed. Second, the search ability of Michigan-style and Pittsburgh-style genetic algorithm is examined respectively for designing fuzzy(More)
Establishing an accurate and reliable network for the Earth surface safety monitoring devices of vehicle operation estate is the key factor to the railway intelligent traffic system in order to avoid incidents caused by super load of wagons. It is critical to seek an efficient analysis method about relative error rate analysis between devices so that(More)