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Kernel density smoothing techniques have been used in classification or supervised learning of gene expression profile (GEP) data, but their applications to clustering or unsupervised learning of those data have not been explored and assessed. Here we report a kernel density clustering method for analysing GEP data and compare its performance with the three(More)
Histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitors are a class of promising anticancer reagents. They are able to induce apoptosis in embryonic carcinoma (EC) cells. However, the underlying mechanism remains poorly understood. Here we show that increased expression of zinc-finger protein regulator of apoptosis and cell-cycle arrest (Zac1) is implicated in HDAC(More)
• Transgenomics is the process of introducing genomic clones from a donor species into a recipient species and then screening the resultant transgenic lines for phenotypes of interest. This method might allow us to find genes involved in the evolution of phenotypic differences between species as well as genes that have the potential to contribute to(More)
OBJECTIVE To provide new ways for classifying and identifying medicinal curcuma plants. METHOD Based on classical taxonomy, the microscopic features of the epidermis of Curcuma plants in China were scored quantitatively by stereology and image analysis. RESULT It showed that there were a lot of differences in density, size and shape of the epidermic(More)
In this paper, the tri-dimensional computer reconstruction and animated display from serial sections of the genuine crude drug Radix Aconitii have been addressed. Accordingly, some tridimensional image technique and information for the teaching and identification of pharmacognosy have also been offered.
According to the investigation and identification of botanical origins of 7 species and 1 variety of the traditional Chinese drug Tiannanxing produced in Sichuan, it has been found out that the main species available on the market are Arisaema erubescens and A. heterophyllum, while A. asperatum, A. wilsonii and A. fargesil come second. A key for their(More)
OBJECTIVE To find out the medicinal plant resources of Heizhu Ravine in Ebian County and put forward some principles and measures for their sustainable utilization. METHOD On-the-spot investigation and sample measuring, calculating, visiting and assessing. RESULTS The general situation about these resources was expounded. New curative effects of 3(More)
OBJECTIVE To make clear the botanical origin of medicinal Uncaria distributed in China and the situation of its use in folk medicines. METHODS Collecting data and making on-the-spot investigation. RESULTS There are thirteen medicinal plants which belong to Uncaria genus, and ten of them are commercially available. A clear idea was obtained of their(More)
In this paper, the tri-dimensional computer reconstruction and animated display from the serial transections of the crude drugs Radix Ophiopogonis and Radix Liriopes have been achieved. Accordingly, some tri-dimensional image techniques and information for the computer aided teaching and identification of pharmacognosy have been offered.
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