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One of the most common practices in image tampering involves cropping a patch from a source and pasting it onto a target. In this paper, we present a novel method for the detection of such tampering operations in JPEG images. The lossy JPEG compression introduces inherent blocking artifacts into the image and our method exploits such artifacts to serve as a(More)
Region duplication forgery, in which a part of a digital image is copied and then pasted to another portion of the same image in order to conceal an important object in the scene, is one of the common image forgery techniques. In this paper, we describe an efficient and robust algorithm for detecting and localizing this type of malicious tampering. We(More)
In this paper, we present a method to represent achromatic and chromatic image signals independently for content-based image indexing and retrieval for image database applications. Starting from an opponent colour representation , human colour vision theories and modern digital signal processing technologies are applied to develop a compact and(More)
This paper proposes to employ the visual saliency for moving object detection via direct analysis from videos. Object saliency is represented by an information saliency map (ISM), which is calculated from spatio-temporal volumes. Both spatial and temporal saliencies are calculated and a dynamic fusion method developed for combination. We use dimensionality(More)
In this paper, we present a new feature extraction method that simultaneously captures the global and local characteristics of an image by adaptively computing hierarchical geometric centroids of the image. We show that these hierarchical centroids have some very interesting properties such as illumination invariant and insensitive to scaling. We have(More)
JPEG is one of the most extensively used image formats. Understanding the inherent characteristics of JPEG may play a useful role in digital image forensics. In this paper, we introduce JPEG error analysis to the study of image forensics. The main errors of JPEG include quantization, rounding and truncation errors. Through theoretically analyzing the(More)
The increasing availability of large quantities of user contributed images with labels has provided opportunities to develop automatic tools to tag images to facilitate image search and retrieval. In this paper, we present a novel hybrid probabilistic model (HPM) which integrates low-level image features and high-level user provided tags to automatically(More)
This work studies an optimization approach for designing tone reproduction curve (TRC) based tone mapping operators for the display of high dynamic range (HDR) images in low dynamic range (LDR) reproduction media. Previous work has shown that the tone mapping problem can formulated as that of optimizing a two-term cost function where adjusting the relative(More)