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The research investigates IT offshore outsourcing from U.S/European or Japanese clients to Chinese software services vendors. We take the vendor's perspective and identify six key capabilities by adopting Wade(2004) 's typology, and build the model to describe the relationship between vendor capabilities and market competitive advantage. We have conducted a(More)
With the prevalence of online reviews, consumers are more inclined to be exposed to an unwieldy glut of information. In contrast to the research on the outcomes of online reviews, recent studies have shifted attention to the antecedents of online reviews, particularly investigating what characteristics lead to a review that is perceived more helpful by(More)
Social networking services (SNS) provide innovative online platforms for social interactions and communications. In order to understand users’ continuance intention of using SNS, we first propose a comprehensive research model based on the expectation-confirmation model (ECM) of IS continuance. Our model examines direct and indirect factors affecting users’(More)
The paper’s research purpose is to discuss the key firm-specific IT capability and its impact on the business value of IT. In the context of IT application in China, the paper builds research model based on Resource-Based View, this model describes how the partnership between business and IT management partially mediates the effects of IT infrastructure(More)
The information system transcending enterprise boundaries and shared by two or more enterprises is defined as Inter-Organizational Information System, IOS for short. Interfirm Process Reengineering is a logical extension of the business process innovation inside a firm. The paper presents a model of relationship among IOS Innovation, Interfirm Process(More)
Requirements elicitation is a complex process that requires stakeholders in teams to collaborate, go through decision-making processes to arrive at consensus. During the requirements elicitation processes, stakeholders who have different backgrounds, view points and understandings, need to clarify, capture and uncover user/client requirements in an(More)
The paper’s research purpose is to discuss how the corporate actively transforms IT organization to adapt to business and IT strategy, and then realize IT business value and competitive advantage. The author investigated IT construction of Sinopec Group after the renewed orientation of IT strategy in 2000, and implement case study about the(More)
According to technology acceptance model (TAM), IT adoption is influenced by two perceptions: usefulness and ease-of-use. Researchers have discussed on what kind of IS applications offers opportunities for enhancing guest services to meet increasing customer expectations. However, little research has focused on IS adoption for collaboration IS in(More)
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