Guopeng Hu

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Performance of a conventional phase detector implemented using analog circuitry is affected by, among other factors, the parameter value drifting of the analog components with environment (e.g., temperature) and time (i.e., aging). It is also adversely impacted by electromagnetic interferences likely existing in the analog circuits when the detector(More)
Du, Xinyu, "Design and fabrication of a prototype aluminum nitride-based pressure sensor with finite element analysis and validation" (2011). Wayne State University Dissertations. Paper 408. ii DEDICATION I would like to dedicate my dissertation work to my parents, my wife and my sons whose love, moral support, motivation and encouragement has been helping(More)
SiGe HBT is a key device for BiCMOS process used for high-speed communication, automotive radar and defense military. For normal SiGe process, the control of emitter window undercut is often not easy. In this paper, we studied the influence of emitter undercut on HBT parameters, through both TCAD simulation and wafer results. While transistors with larger(More)
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