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Geographical adaptive fidelity (GAF) algorithm is analyzed theoretically to point out some reasons for node energy dissipation imbalance. This paper presents some corresponding solutions. Node residual energy is taken as one of factors to elect cluster head, in case that some nodes with low energy will be dead soon for being cluster head. Data communication(More)
Though vortex search (VS) algorithm has good performance in solving global numerical optimization problems, it cannot fully search the whole space occasionally. Combining the vortex search algorithm and the artificial bee colony algorithm (ABC) which has good performance in exploration, we present a HVS (hybrid vortex search) algorithm to solve the(More)
In order to meet the requirement for beach monitoring system, multi-path routing LHMR algorithm is designed to maximize network life. In the monitoring system with heterogeneous sensor network, LHMR algorithm consists of three parts: routing path creation, data transmission and routing path maintenance. Hop size is considered as one factor to decide the(More)
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