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A magnetic solid-phase extraction method (MSPE) was developed to pre-concentrate and cleanup clenbuterol (CLE) from pork muscle. Novel sulfonated polystyrene magnetic nanobeads (spMNBs) were synthesized via a one-pot emulsion copolymerization method by using divinylbenzene, styrene, and sodium styrene sulfonate in the presence of oleic acid-modified and(More)
It's necessary for the large agricultural enterprise to construct a stabile and reliable network environment and a powerful Data Center. In this paper, the constructing of high reliability in Data Center will be discussed according to the requirements of large agricultural enterprise; an effective solution will be presented that adopts structural redundancy(More)
Amantadine (AMD) is a prohibitive veterinary medicine in the entire world. In this study, a sensitive colloidal gold immunochromatographic assay (CGICA) was established for the rapid semi-quantitative detection of AMD in chicken muscle. Under optimal conditions, the detection results were obtained in 12min with a limit of detection for 1.80ng/mL. CGICA(More)
The performance of fluorescent microsphere immunochromatographic assay (FM-ICA) and quantum-dot submicrobead immunochromatographic assay (QB-ICA) was systematically and comprehensively compared in quantitative detection of aflatoxin M1 in milk. Under optimum conditions, the advantages of FM-ICA include lower limit of detection of 42.3 pg/mL with better(More)
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