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A solid is a connected orientable compact subset of R 3 which is a 3-manifold with boundary. Moreover, its boundary consists of finitely many components, each of which being a subset of the union of finitely many almost smooth surfaces. Motivated by numerical robustness issues, we consider a finite collection of boxes, with faces parallel to the coordinate(More)
Defects in boundary representation models often lead to system errors in modeling software and associated applications. This paper analyzes the model rectification problem of manifold boundary models, and argues that a rectify-by-reconstruction approach is needed in order to reach the global optimal solution. The restricted face boundary reconstruction(More)
This thesis describes an active wide-beam wide-band sonar system that mimics the binaural configuration of an echolocation dolphin. The system is being developed for testing new methods for underwater vehicle navigation and mapping. The system uses three 500 KHz transducers, one as transmitter/receiver and the other two as receivers. Simulations and(More)
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