Guoling Liu

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Hepatic metabolic derangements are key components in the development of fatty liver disease. AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) plays a central role in controlling hepatic lipid metabolism through modulating the downstream acetyl CoA carboxylase (ACC) and carnitine palmitoyl transferase 1 (CPT-1) pathway. In this study, cyanidin-3-O-β-glucoside (Cy-3-g), a(More)
  • Guoling Liu
  • 2010
This paper proposed a reference model of independent SaaS platform. Firstly, SaaS software's technical architecture is discussed. Secondly, SaaS platform's responsibilities are analyzed and the infrastructure components of independent SaaS platform are presented. We propose a concept of multi-tenant architecture. Both the vendor and the user pay for using(More)
To better solve the complexity and diversity in personal financial services, we propose a kind of personal financial recommendation system based on association rules. The system makes use of the customers' financial information to generate data cube, and then generates the recommendation set by multi-dimensional association rule mining. We also propose the(More)
  • Guoling Liu
  • 2010
Medical retailers face the challenge of integrating their legacy systems within their stores and at the enterprise (or corporate) headquarters. This challenge becomes even more critical due to demanding customers who expect a rich experience both in the store and in other channels. In this paper, a few common scenarios and use cases in retail have been(More)
Association rules are dedicated to describe the direct correlations among the items in frequent itemsets, while negative association rules are dedicated to describe the indirect correlations between the two items in infrequent itemsets. Incremental updating algorithm is important for mining infrequent itemset in dynamic databases. A new algorithm for mining(More)
Soil phosphorus (P) deficiency is one of the major limiting factors to crop production. The development of crop varieties with improved P use efficiency (PUE) is an important strategy for sustainable agriculture. The objectives of this research were to identify quantitative trait loci (QTLs) linked to PUE traits using a high-density single nucleotide(More)
This paper explores the concept of software as a service, which envisages a demand-led software market in which businesses assemble and provide services when needed to address a particular requirement. Comparison between SaaS and its counterparts are described. The design considerations and customer life cycle in SaaS is analyzed. Lastly, the implements for(More)
With the continuous development of IT technology remote device monitoring and controlling has become the key embedded technology. A new design of the remote monitoring system based on ZigBee and STMP is presented. The design and development of the proposed system model are given. Users can use a PC or mobile phone to achieve real-time data acquisition and(More)
The mining objects of traditional mining association rules techniques mainly focus on mono-database. With the rapid development of database technologies, multi-database mining is becoming more and more important. In order to make the synthetic result of multiple data sources more accurate, the parameter C, which indicates the number of transactions in local(More)
In this paper, we investigate the error performance of the amplify-and-forward two-way relay network, which consists of two user terminals and one relay node. All the nodes operate in the full-duplex (FD) mode, the impact of residual self-interference on the decoding at the user terminals is also considered. The asymptotic expression of pairwise error(More)