Guoliang Zhong

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—In this paper, a hexapod robot that consists of its body and six legs is considered. The leg mechanism is a 1-UP&2-UPS (U-universal joint, P-prismatic joint and S-spherical joint) parallel mechanism with three degree-of-freedoms (DOFs). A comparative investigation of tracking control methods in the hexapod robot with parallel legs is presented. The methods(More)
Teleoperation based space systems have received much attention in the past years.This paper reports the construction and the remote control of a nonholonomic robotic system. The system consists of a three-wheeled mobile platform to keep the robot stable and a 6-DOF articulate manipulator on top of the platform. First, we explain how its design and work,(More)
This article introduces the speed control principle of DC motor, expatiates on the speed control system taking PIC16F877 SCM as the main control component, utilizes the characters of catching module, comparing module and analog-to-digital conversion module in PIC16F877 SCM to be the trigger circuit, and gives the program flow chart. The system has many(More)
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