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Transition metal oxides have a range of unique properties due to coupling of charge, spin, orbital and lattice degrees of freedom and nearly degenerate multiple ground states. These properties make them interesting for applications and for fundamental investigations. Here we report a new phase with abnormal transport anisotropy in La(0.7)Sr(0.3)MnO3(More)
The novel strain-driven morphotropic phase boundary (MPB) in highly strained BiFeO(3) thin films is characterized by well-ordered mixed phase nanodomains (MPNs). Through scanning probe microscopy and synchrotron X-ray diffraction, eight structural variants of the MPNs are identified. Detailed polarization configurations within the MPNs are resolved using(More)
Here we proposed a novel architectural design of a ternary MnO2-based electrode - a hierarchical Co3O4@Pt@MnO2 core-shell-shell structure, where the complemental features of the three key components (a well-defined Co3O4 nanowire array on the conductive Ti substrate, an ultrathin layer of small Pt nanoparticles, and a thin layer of MnO2 nanoflakes) are(More)
A new type of carbon charge-transfer magnet, consisting of a fullerene acceptor and single-walled carbon nanotube donor, is demonstrated, which exhibits room temperature ferromagnetism and magnetoelectric (ME) coupling. In addition, external stimuli (electric/magnetic/elastic field) and the concentration of a nanocarbon complex enable the tunabilities of(More)
Room temperature multiferroics has been a frontier research field by manipulating spin-driven ferroelectricity or charge-order-driven magnetism. Charge-transfer crystals based on electron donor and acceptor assembly, exhibiting simultaneous spin ordering, are drawing significant interests for the development of all-organic magnetoelectric multiferroics.(More)
Well unipolar resistive switching (RS) behaviors were observed from Ag/ZnO single-microwire/Ag memristors. The reset voltages were larger than the set voltages, and all of them were less than 1 V. The resistance ratios of high-resistance state (HRS) to low-resistance state (LRS) reached 10(3). The bistable RS behaviors were entirely reversible and steady(More)
Ti nanowire arrays (NAs) prepared by a facile and template-free hydrothermal method were used as three-dimensional (3D) current collectors for the electrodeposition of MnO2. The resulting Ti@MnO2 NAs exhibit remarkable electrochemical behavior with high specific capacitance, good rate performance and desired cycling stability.
The JASMONATE-ZIM DOMAIN (JAZ) repressor family proteins are jasmonate co-receptors and transcriptional repressor in jasmonic acid (JA) signaling pathway, and they play important roles in regulating the growth and development of plants. Recently, more and more researches on JAZ gene family are reported in many plants. Although the genome sequencing of(More)
Centimeter-sized segregated stacking TTF-C60 single crystals are crystallized by a mass-transport approach combined with solvent-vapor evaporation for the first time. The intermolecular charge-transfer interaction in the long-range ordered superstructure enables the crystals to demonstrate external stimuli-controlled multifunctionalities and(More)
Among the many materials investigated for next-generation photovoltaic cells, organic-inorganic lead halide perovskites have demonstrated great potential thanks to their high power conversion efficiency and solution processability. Within a short period of about 5 years, the efficiency of solar cells based on these materials has increased dramatically from(More)