Guoliang Tang

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Multi-wavelet is an extension from wavelet theory, and it has several particular advantages over scalar wavelet on image processing since the multi-wavelet analysis can offer a more precise method for image analysis than wavelet multi-resolution analysis can do. In this paper, two new image fusion algorithms are presented: One is based on image(More)
According to the respective advantages of RBAC model and UCON model, Subject, Object, Role, Permission and Operation are all regarded as the instance of the class with attributes and methods on object-oriented programming, role-based access control model with the constraints of Temporal, spatial, attribute and workflow (TSAW-RBAC model) is proposed, the(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the clinical effect of pedical screw systems fixed between lumbar and ilium for treatment of sacral fractures. METHODS From June 2003 to June 2009, 21 cases of sacral fracture (29 sides including monolateral 13 cases and bilateral 8 cases) were treated with pedical screw systems to have reduction and fixation. There were 12 males and(More)
Genetic algorithm is widely applied for the Job Shop scheduling Problem (JSP) and is proved to be a better solution compared with most conventional solutions, however, the general methods to finding optimal solution always abandon the deadlock chromosomes. Two different methods for coding are compared in this paper. On this basis, a novel algorithm with(More)
The traditional role-based access control mechanism controls the user to access the resources based on the roles, simplifying security management. However, it cannot effectively provide semantic understanding and reasoning due to lack formal mechanisms. A new Description Logics-based access control model is presented, it applies Description Logics to(More)
Human Constitution is a complex multi-factor, and is difficult to get accurate results using TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Constitution classification and criterion. AFSA (Artificial Fish School Algorithm) is an optimization algorithm based on biological models. The coding scheme of the Classification rule is designed by using AFSA, the more accurate(More)
On the research of brain and cognitive science based on fMRI, the subject needs to be measured many times during the functional imaging experiments. There is a slight head-movement inevitably during the experiment, so the fMRI images must be registered precisely. An fMRI image registration approach was proposed based on normalized maximum mutual(More)
A daytime and nighttime color image fusion method based on IHS transform and Multi-Wavelet transform is presented. The method can automatically merge images of a scene captured under different illumination and can be used for practical purposes. Specifically, the fused image can give more information of the context of night-time traffic videos, which makes(More)
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