Guoliang Shen

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Chemotherapy drugs themselves may act as stressors to induce adaptive responses to promote the chemoresistance of cancer cells. Our previous research showed that sirtuin 1 (SIRT1) was overexpressed in pancreatic cancer patients and deregulation of SIRT1 with RNAi could enhance chemosensitivity. Thus, we hypothesized that SIRT1 might facilitate(More)
FGFR1 is well known as a molecular target in anticancer drug design. TKI258 plays an important role in RTK inhibitors. Utilizing TKI258 as a lead compound that contains a quinazolinone nucleus, we synthesized four series of 3-vinyl-quinoxalin-2(1H)-one derivatives, a total of 27 compounds. We further evaluated these compounds for FGFR1 inhibition ability as(More)
—In this paper, the capacity of multiple input multiple output-orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (MIMO-OFDM) systems is analyzed under doubly correlated fading channels. The distribution of complex central Wishart Matrix is utilized to derive the closed form of ergodic capacity of MIMO-OFDM systems under doubly correlated channels when the(More)
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