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Knowledge Graph Embedding via Dynamic Mapping Matrix
In this paper, we propose a more fine-grained model named TransD, which is an improvement of TransR/CTransR. Expand
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Learning to Represent Knowledge Graphs with Gaussian Embedding
This paper switches to density-based embedding and propose KG2E for explicitly modeling the certainty of entities and relations, which learn the representations of KGs in the space of multi-dimensional Gaussian distributions. Expand
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Knowledge Graph Completion with Adaptive Sparse Transfer Matrix
We model knowledge graphs for their completion by encoding each entity and relation into a numerical space. Expand
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Distant Supervision for Relation Extraction with Sentence-Level Attention and Entity Descriptions
We propose a sentence-level attention model to select the valid instances, which makes full use of the supervision information from knowledge bases. Expand
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Acidity regime of the Red Soils in a subtropical region of southern China under field conditions
Abstract The acidity regimes of Red Soils in Yingtan, Jiangxi Province were examined by determining pH and pCa of the soil paste as well as determining pH in-situ. The results show that for uplandExpand
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Mechanism of aluminum release from variable charge soils induced by low-molecular-weight organic acids: Kinetic study
The kinetic curves of aluminum release from two variable charge soils and a kaolinite within 48 h can be divided into three stages: the first stage located within the initial 30 min, at which theExpand
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Effect of low-molecular-weight organic acids on the distribution of mobilized Al between soil solution and solid phase
Abstract Low-molecular-weight (LMW) organic acids occur widely in soils. Results in pure mineral systems and podzols suggest that LMW organic acids can promote the dissolution of Al from kaolinite,Expand
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Monthly ratios of PAR to global solar radiation measured at northern Tibetan Plateau, China
Using narrowband and broadband solar radiation measurements collected at Wudaoliang (WDL) site in northern Tibetan Plateau (NTP) from September 1993 to December 1998, the relationship between monthlyExpand
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A physical-based constitutive relation to predict flow stress for Cu–0.4Mg alloy during hot working
Abstract The hot deformation behaviors of Cu–0.4Mg alloy are studied by the isothermal compression tests on a Gleeble-1500 thermo-mechanical simulator over wide ranges of temperatures and strainExpand
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Effect of low-molecular-weight organic anions on surface charge of variable charge soils.
Low-molecular-weight (LMW) organic acids exist widely in soils and have been implicated in many soil processes. In the present paper, the effect of the anions of four low-molecular-weight organicExpand
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