Guoliang Cai

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The variations among six rice cultivars in cadmium (Cd) uptake and translocation were investigated with pot soil experiments. The results showed that only a very small portion (0.73%) of Cd absorbed by rice plant was transferred into grain. With regard to plant total Cd uptake, Cd concentrations and quantity accumulations in roots, stems and leaves, the(More)
Abstract. Recently, various papers investigated the geometry features, synchronization and control of complex network provided with certain topology. While, sometimes the exact topology of a network is unknown or uncertain. Using Lyapunov theory, we propose an adaptive feedback controlling method to identify the exact topology of a rather general weighted(More)
To attempt to understand certain mechanisms causing the variations between rice cultivars with regard to Cd uptake and accumulation, pot soil experiments were conducted with two rice cultivars at different levels of Cd, i.e., 0 (the control), 10, 50 mg Cd kg(-1 )soil. The two rice cultivars differ significantly with regard to Cd uptake and accumulation.(More)
The problem of Slow Manifold Analysis and adaptive control for a new system—-Liu system is studied in this paper. Firstly, the Liu system is considered as slow-fast autonomous dynamical system in order to obtain the equations of the slow manifold from three different ways as well as geometric characterization of the attractor. And a global qualitative(More)
Abstract: Based on the mathematical model of a nonlinear finance chaotic system, the complicated dynamical behavior and slow manifold of the model are further investigated. Firstly, the complicated dynamical behaviors of the system are analyzed by studing dynamical behaviors of the subsystem of the system. And then, global dynamical behaviors of the system(More)
Abstract: This paper studies adaptive cluster synchronization of uncertain complex dynamical networks in finite time. Based on Lyapunov stability theorem and the finite-time control techniques, a useful criteria is established to guarantee the realization of adaptive cluster synchronization in finite time. Finally, a numerical example is given to illustrate(More)
Abstract: In this paper, a chatter free sliding mode control(SMC) strategy for chaos synchronization is proposed to the nonlinear uncertain chaotic systems in the presence of unknown bounded uncertainties and external disturbances. The sliding mode surface with differential operators is introduced to divert the discontinuous function swith term into the(More)