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UNLABELLED Anti-tumor necrosis factor alpha (anti-TNF-α) therapies have been increasingly used to treat inflammatory diseases and are associated with increased risk of invasive fungal infections, including Cryptococcus neoformans infection. Using a mouse model of cryptococcal infection, we investigated the mechanism by which disruption of early TNF-α(More)
Cellulase gene expression in the model cellulolytic fungus Trichoderma reesei is supposed to be controlled by an intricate regulatory network involving multiple transcription factors. Here, we identified a novel transcriptional repressor of cellulase gene expression, Rce1. Disruption of the rce1 gene not only facilitated the induced expression of cellulase(More)
A new phenylethyl alkyl amide, (10R)-10-hydroxy-N-phenethyloctadecanamide (1), was isolated from the beetle Ambrostoma quadriimpressum Motschulsky. The structure of the amide was determined by NMR and MS. The absolute configuration of compound 1 was confirmed by an asymmetric total synthesis, which was started from L-glutamic acid. The construction of the(More)
The reductive coupling and cyclization of chalcones to generate cyclopentanol derivatives in up to 84% yield by visible light photoredox catalysis is described. This reaction involves radical anion homocoupling, monoprotonation, and intramolecular cyclization cascade.
The availability of a communication channel that could be everywhere accessible, possibly via wireless devices is a constant matter for the police force. The well-developed public cellular network infrastructure and widespread mobile device can provide with such features, but the lack of security makes it unsuitable for transmitting confidential data. In(More)
An efficient methodology for the functionalization of sp(3) C-H bond adjacent to nitrogen has been developed utilizing visible light-induced photoredox catalysis. Through optimization of solvent and light source, the reaction can be rapidly achieved to provide the desired product under mild reaction conditions.
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