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Common carotid artery intima-media thickness (IMT), which is usually measured upon ultrasound images, is an important indicator to cardiovascular diseases. This paper proposes a snake model based segmentation method to automatically detect the boundary of intima-media for IMT measurement. In the proposed method, two contours are initialized from line(More)
B-scan ultrasound is the primary means for the diagnosis of fatty liver. However, due to use of various ultrasound equipments, poor quality of ultrasonic images and physical differences of patients, fatty liver diagnosis is mainly qualitative, and often depends on the subjective judgment of technicians and doctors. Therefore, computer-aided feature(More)
BACKGROUND To propose and test in a preliminary clinical study a novel method for calculating intima-medial thickness (IMT) homogeneity (IMTH). METHODS IMT was measured off-line on every horizontal pixel line along the far wall of the common carotid artery, with previously validated software. IMTH was assessed by the SD, coefficient of variation, and(More)
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