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Deadline-Sensitive Mobile Data Offloading via Opportunistic Communications
With the explosive proliferation of smartphones, many mobile cloud computing applications have emerged in recent years. These applications generally involve many data transmissions between mobileExpand
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Optimal Multi-taxi Dispatch for Mobile Taxi-Hailing Systems
Traditional taxi-hailing systems through wireless networks in metropolitan areas allow taxis to compete for passengers chaotically and accidentally, which generally result in inefficiencies, longExpand
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Truthful incentive mechanism for vehicle-based nondeterministic crowdsensing
Nowadays, vehicles have shown great potential in crowdsensing. To guarantee a good Quality of Service (QoS), stimulating enough vehicles to participate in crowdsensing is very necessary. In thisExpand
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Minimum Cost Seed Selection for Multiple Influences Diffusion in Communities
Recently, influence maximization in social networks has attracted great attention. In this paper, we consider that a company intends to select some users to promote its multiple products (calledExpand
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A QoS-sensitive task assignment algorithm for mobile crowdsensing
Abstract Recently, mobile crowdsensing has attracted many researchers’ attention due to the pervasiveness of smart phones. In this paper, we study the QoS-sensitive Task Assignment (QSTA) problem forExpand
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Truthful Incentive Mechanism for Nondeterministic Crowdsensing with Vehicles
In this paper, we focus on the incentive mechanism design for a vehicle-based, nondeterministic crowdsensing system. In this crowdsensing system, vehicles move along their trajectories and performExpand
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Opportunistic Mobile Data Offloading with Deadline Constraints
Due to the explosive proliferation of mobile cloud computing applications, much data needs to be transmitted between mobile users and clouds, incurring a huge traffic demand on cellular networks.Expand
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Minimum Cost Spatial-Temporal Task Allocation in Mobile Crowdsensing
With the advances of sensors in smart devices, Mobile Crowdsensing (MCS) is flourishing. In this paper, we focus on Cost-minimizing Task Allocation (CTA) problem with spatial-temporal constraints inExpand
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Auction-based VM Allocation for Deadline-Sensitive Tasks in Distributed Edge Cloud
Edge cloud computing is a new paradigm in which the computation and storage services of remote cloud data centers are moved to Edge Cloud Nodes (ECNs) in network edges. Compared to traditional cloudExpand
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Truthful Crowdsensed Data Trading Based on Reverse Auction and Blockchain
Crowdsensed Data Trading (CDT) is a novel data trading paradigm, in which each data consumer can publicize its demand as some crowdsensing tasks, and some mobile users can compete for these tasks,Expand
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