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The case-based reasoning is suitable for the solving of large scale, high intelligent and unstructured problems with complicated tasks because it could help us obtain knowledge conveniently, understand easily, and also could enlighten thinking. The case-based method was introduced in quality control field for the offset printing on the basis of the analysis(More)
• 1. Introduction • 2. History • 3. Examples Introduction • Monte Carlo methods are stochastic techniques. • Monte Carlo method is very general. • We can find MC methods used in everything from economics to nuclear physics to regulating the flow of traffic.
Aiming at the subjective limitations of the traditional condition monitoring and evaluation methods for the power transformer, the condition assessment method of the transformer state based on the dynamic gray target theory is used to evaluate and diagnose the operating condition and the fault mode of the transformer. The probabilistic reasoning mechanism(More)
Flocculating river water and adding CLO/sub 2/ into the inlet and outlet of the cooling water system can effectively raise water quality, lower turbidity, eliminate alga microorganisms in the cooling water and reach the standard of the cooling water for power plants. In the paper, the effects of flocculation and algae removal in the cooling water treatment(More)
Based on the equation of small pure electric vehicle (PEV) and the mathematic model of permanent magnet synchronous motor (), synchronous motor (PMSM), the dynamic model is presented for small PEV driven by PMSM. With space vector pulse width modulation (SVPWM) algorithm, a velocity and current double closed-loop simulation model of PMSM control system is(More)
This paper mainly focuses on the analysis of permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) and its control system, based on the mathematical model of PMSM, a subsection control strategy is designed for PMSM in electric state, which is a combination of i d = 0 control and weak magnetic control, in order to get a large speed range and get higher output power in(More)
  • Guojin Chen
  • 2014
Subject contest is one of the important means to cultivate the ability of “creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship”, the engineering practice ability and the comprehensive quality for students. At the same time, it plays an important role in cultivating the students' comprehensive quality of learning awareness, autonomous learning(More)
Aiming at the problems of the traditional transformer cooler's control system, the paper developed the intelligent control system of the transformer cooling based on the DCS dual PLC. The DCS and dual PLC's redundancy, the intelligent motor controller, the system's centralized monitoring platform, and the environmental control system achieve the monitoring,(More)