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Large-Scale MIMO Detection for 3GPP LTE: Algorithms and FPGA Implementations
This work proposes a new approximate matrix inversion algorithm relying on a Neumann series expansion, which substantially reduces the complexity of linear data detection in single-carrier frequency-division multiple access (SC-FDMA)-based large-scale MIMO systems. Expand
The Impact of Virtualization on Network Performance of Amazon EC2 Data Center
The results show that even though the data center network is lightly utilized, virtualization can still cause significant throughput instability and abnormal delay variations. Expand
c-Through: part-time optics in data centers
This work proposes a hybrid packet and circuit switched data center network architecture (or HyPaC) which augments the traditional hierarchy of packet switches with a high speed, low complexity, rack-to-rack optical circuit-switched network to supply high bandwidth to applications. Expand
Towards network triangle inequality violation aware distributed systems
This paper proposes a TIV alert mechanism that can inform neighbor selection mechanisms to avoid the pitfalls caused by TIVs and improve their effectiveness and investigates the properties of triangle inequality violation in Internet delays. Expand
Programming your network at run-time for big data applications
This study uses Hadoop as an example to discuss the integrated network control architecture, job scheduling, topology and routing configuration mechanisms for Hadoops, and suggests that such an integrated control has great potential to improve application performance with relatively small configuration overhead. Expand
Meridian: an SDN platform for cloud network services
This article describes the architecture and implementation of Meridian, an SDN controller platform that supports a service-level model for application networking in clouds, and discusses some of the key challenges in the design and implementation, including how to efficiently handle dynamic updates to virtual networks, orchestration of network tasks on a large set of devices, and how Meridian can be integrated with multiple cloud controllers. Expand
A 3.8Gb/s large-scale MIMO detector for 3GPP LTE-Advanced
This paper proposes - to the best of our knowledge - the first ASIC design for high-throughput data detection in single carrier frequency division multiple access (SC-FDMA)-based large-scale MIMOExpand
High throughput low latency LDPC decoding on GPU for SDR systems
This paper presents optimization techniques for a parallel LDPC decoder including algorithm optimization, fully coalesced memory access, asynchronous data transfer and multi-stream concurrent kernel execution for modern GPU architectures. Expand