Guohui Qiao

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Normalized Cross Correlation Operating (NCCO) between two binary images, template image and target image, is independent of their gray levels. Further more, providing the template is a binary image, the calculation results of NCCO should remain unrelated to the gray level of the template image. This paper proved the inference above and presented some(More)
To realize high-level Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) Micro-fluidic Chip (MFC) fabrication, microassembly must be precisely performed. The ability to package MFC with micron precision is a critical issue. This paper will report on a workcell developed for PMMA MFC alignment with micro assembly operations in volume MEMS devices production. The workcell(More)
Abnormal neutrophil nucleus lobation (like left shift and right shift) helps to diagnose for some clinical conditions. Currently, quantification of it depends on the manual microscopic inspection of blood smears by clinicians. The quality of the manual inspection is extremely limited by the efficiency of clinicians and their medical background. This article(More)
The performance of traditional Tracking Differentiator (TD) will decline when it tracks great changing signals. This paper presents a novel self-adaptive second-order TD which can automatically adjust its tracking rate based on the feedback of differential signals. The result of simulation and experiment showed that this algorithm could effectively restrain(More)
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