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A block normal mode (BNM) algorithm, originally proposed by Tama et al., (Proteins Struct. Func. Genet. 41:1-7, 2000) was implemented into the simulation program CHARMM. The BNM approach projects the hessian matrix into local translation/rotation basis vectors and, therefore, dramatically reduces the size of the matrix involved in diagonalization. In the(More)
This paper proposes a content-based audio information retrieval and indexing technique based on wavelet transform. The presented approach uses multiresolution decomposition property of the discrete wavelet transform to analyze audio data. The wavelet decomposition of an audio signal highly resembles to its decomposition in sound octaves. A hierarchical(More)
In 2006, the IETF released its latest effort, NETCONF, a brand new network management protocol, which is based on the XML encoding method. The NETCONF protocol is thought to be able to meet the requirement of configuration management which SNMP fails to do well. The NETCONF protocol also performs better in other fields such as the efficiency, more flexible(More)
The TiO2-montmorillonite (TiO2-MMT) complex was prepared by blending TiO2 sol and MMT with certain ratio, and its properties as an enzyme immobilization support were investigated. The pristine MMT and TiO2-MMT calcined at 800 °C (TiO2-MMT800) were used for comparison to better understand the immobilization mechanism. The structures of the pristine MMT,(More)
Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChRs) containing alpha7 subunits are thought to assemble as homomers. alpha7-nAChR function has been implicated in learning and memory, and alterations of alpha7-nAChR have been found in patients with Alzheimer's disease (AD). Here we report findings consistent with a novel, naturally occurring nAChR subtype in rodent,(More)
Normal modes have been used to explore the inherent flexibility of the alpha, beta and gamma subunits of F(1)-ATPase in isolation and as part of the alpha(3)beta(3)gamma complex. It was found that the structural plasticity of the gamma and beta subunits, in particular, correlates with their functions. The N and C-terminal helices forming the coiled-coil(More)
Immunoglobulins (Igs) are found thus far only to be produced by differentiated B lymphocytes. By immunohistochemistry analysis, in situ hybridization, and laser capture microdissection-assisted single-cell PCR, we demonstrate that human cancers of epithelial origin, including carcinomas of breast, colon, liver, lung, established epithelial cancer lines, as(More)