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Read and spontaneous discourses are two different but very significant speech styles to be investigated. So phonetic labeling on read and spontaneous discourse corpora are made one is ASCCD, a 10 hours read discourse corpus and the other is CASS, a 4 hours spontaneous discourse corpus. First the principles and conventions of transcription are presented.(More)
Speech corpus of Chinese discourse (ASCCD) was setup and annotated on segmental and prosodic and syntactic tiers. SAMPA-C and C-ToBI conventions are used for segmental and prosodic labeling. Sound variation such as assimilation, insertion and deletion are investigated on the labeled database. The prosodic research focuses on the sentence stress that(More)
For a remanufacturing reverse logistics system, the buy-back policy was considered, i.e., the remanufacturing firm will purchase used products to remanufacture, which make firm control the return of used product. A single product two-stage inventory control problem with random supply and random demand was proposed. The joint optimal dynamic decision of(More)
To get good understanding of prosody in continuous speech of Standard Chinese, we have collected large amount of speech in paragraph. 18 read discourse each contains 300-500 syllables are used as reading texts, which cover main discourse We are going effort on linguistic annotation. In This paper we report works reported as follows: One male speaker's(More)
The importance of remanufacturing used products into new ones has been widely recognized in the literature and in practice. In this paper, the coordination problem of supply chain with differentiated new and remanufactured product, composed of a single manufacturer and a single retailer, was considered. The optimal decisions of the manufacturer were got(More)
The objective of vehicle routing problem is usually to minimize the total traveling distance or cost. But in practice, there are a lot of problems needed to minimize the fastest completion time. The milk-run vehicle routing problem (MRVRP) is widely used in milk-run distribution. The mutation ACO is given to solve MRVRP with fastest completion time in this(More)
An optimal control problem for collecting used products was considered in a reverse logistics system when a remanufacturing firm faced random arrivals and deterministic demands for used products. The remanufacturing firm purchased used products to remanufacture, which made firm control the returns of used products. Firstly, a multi-period inventory system(More)
The importance of remanufacturing used products into new ones has been widely recognized in the literature and in practice. In this paper, a model with two competing manufacturers is discussed. In the forward logistics, the manufacturers face the demand with linear down-sloping functions. In the reverse logistics, each manufacturer need to determine whether(More)
Land cover classification is an essential input to environmental and land use planning . Clustering is a technique used for land cover classification. Clustering is the assignment of objects into groups called clusters so that objects from the same cluster are more similar to each other than objects from different clusters. The proposed work presents an(More)