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—Based on Lagrange polynomials and variation of constants, we devise a novel 2n-1-point interpolatory ternary subdivision scheme that reproduces polynomials of degree 2n-2. We illustrate the technique with a 3-point ternary interpolatory subdivision scheme which can rebuild Hassan and Dodgson's interpolating 3-point ternary subdivision scheme and a new(More)
—In this paper, we design a ternary even symmetric 2n-point approximating subdivision scheme which generates smooth curves of high order. We illustrate the technique with a new 4-point ternary approximating subdivision scheme which is C 4 and a new 6-point ternary approximating subdivision scheme which can achieve C 7-continuity. The smoothness of the new(More)
In this paper, we evaluate fractal dimension of the fractal curve generated by the 3-point ternary interpolatory subdivision scheme. A formula between the subdivision parameter and the fractal dimension of the limit fractal curve is obtained. As an application of the obtained results, the generation of fractal curves and surfaces is discussed. The presented(More)
Subdivision scheme is a discrete modeling method that breaches old model of surface modeling, namely, from discrete data to continuous data and last to discrete data. The method is simple, small computing and fast in modeling. This paper presents a classification standard of subdivision scheme, discusses and compares several subdivision schemes in brief.
A recognition algorithm for a type of coded target widely used in photogrammetry is presented in this paper. An efficient feature vector is first proposed to describe the targets, then mathematical morphological operations are used for clustering to location the the targets in the image. Finally, by ellipse fitting, each coded target in the image is(More)
Face recognition is an interesting issue in pattern recognition. In this paper, we propose a method for face recognition using 3D depth information. The goal is to get minimum features and produce a good recognition rates. We extract 3D clouds points from 3d vrml face Database, then the nose tip for each sample is detected and considered as new origin of(More)
By analyzing the effect of sub-patch parameters on speed and quality of texture synthesis, we find that for a certain type of images which don't depend on the parameters can obtain rapid and effective synthesis. We choose L2 distance between adjacent sub-patches as a measure, propose a new algorithm to calculate the coefficient of texture standard property.(More)