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Over 200 published studies of more than 30 plant species have reported a role for miRNAs in regulating responses to abiotic stresses. However, data from these individual reports has not been collected into a single database. The lack of a curated database of stress-related miRNAs limits research in this field, and thus a cohesive database system should(More)
Lung cancer ranks as the most common type of cancer in males worldwide. Although great advances have been achieved in chemotherapy and radiotherapy, the long-term survival rate of lung cancer patients has not improved significantly. Dissemination of lung cancer in the thoracic cavity and metastatic spread to the liver, bone and brain are characteristic of(More)
Power ultrasonic vibration (20 kHz, 6 μm) was applied to assist the interaction between a liquid Al-Si alloy and solid Ti-6Al-4V substrate in air. The interaction behaviors, including breakage of the oxide film on the Ti-6Al-4V surface, chemical dissolution of solid Ti-6Al-4V, and interfacial chemical reactions, were investigated. Experimental results(More)
In China, Colla corii asini is a health-care food and traditional Chinese medicine widely used in life-nourishing and clinical hematic antanemic therapy for more than 2,000 years. In this paper we compiled the chemical constituents isolated and detected from Colla corii asini including amino acids, proteins/gelatins, polysaccharides, volatile substances,(More)
Layered Ti-Al metal composite (LMC) fabricated by hot-pressing and hot-rolling process displays higher ductility than that of both components. In this paper, a combination of digital image correlation (DIC) and X-ray tomography revealed that strain delocalization and constrained crack distribution are the origin of extraordinary tensile ductility. Strain(More)
Triclosan (2,4,4'-trichloro-2'-hydroxy-diphenyl ether, TCS) is widely used in personal care, household, veterinary and industrial products. It was considered as a potential male reproductive toxicant in previous in vitro and in vivo studies. However, evidence from human studies is scarce. Our study aims to investigate the relationship between TCS exposure(More)
Micro-forming with ultrafine-grained (UFG) materials is a promising direction for the fabrication of micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) components due to the improved formability, good surface quality, and excellent mechanical properties it provides. In this paper, micro-compression tests were performed using UFG pure aluminum processed by(More)
A Gram-strain-negative, rod-shaped, motile bacterium, designated MIM27T, was isolated from the sand of the Mu Us Desert, PR China. The strain could grow at 4-45 °C (optimum, 37 °C), at pH 6.6-9.0 (optimum, 8.0) and in the presence of 0-3 % (w/v) NaCl (optimum, 0 % in RNA liquid medium). The results of phylogenetic analysis of 16S rRNA gene sequences(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the age-related characteristics of volumes, signal intensities (SIs) of T1-weighted images (T1WI), T2-weighted images (T2WI) and apparent diffusion coefficients (ADCs) of three major salivary glands. METHODS A total of 300 subjects with normal salivary glands were divided into 4 different age groups and examined with a 1.5 T magnetic(More)
In order to promote the performance of B2 NiAl by texture control of orientation during in situ processing, phase transformation in laminated NiAl with bimodal grain size distribution manufactured by reaction annealing of Ni and Al foils has been studied. It turned out that there existed a Kurdjumov-Sachs orientation relationship (K-S OR) between parent Ni(More)