Guohua Dong

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A novel method for feature extraction based on T-statistic criterion is put forward and introduced for P300 potential detection in brain-computer interface (BCI) applications. After decorrelation by principal component analysis (PCA), the optimized weighted sum of EEG signal is computed to construct the features. Applied to P300 speller paradigm of BCI(More)
This paper focuses on the trajectory tracking problem of wheeled mobile robots not satisfying the ideal "rolling without slipping" constraints. Robust control laws are proposed to deal with the slipping of the wheels. The design procedure consists of three main steps. A bounded transverse function is firstly constructed, by which a smooth embedded(More)
Road networks have significant impact on mobility and network characteristics of wireless ad hoc networks. Discovering their characteristics and effects on mobility and network performance in urban environments is a fundamental research task. In this paper, we firstly study the graph attributes of road networks by sampling real road networks in main cities(More)
α-solanine, a steroidal glycoalkaloid in potato, was found to have proliferation-inhibiting and apoptosis-promoting effect on multiple cancer cells, such as clone, liver, melanoma cancer cells. However, the antitumor efficacy of α-solanine on pancreatic cancer has not been fully evaluated. In this study, we inquired into the anti-carcinogenic effect of(More)
Mobility is an important issue in the research of mobile delay-tolerant networks (DTNs). A simple grid model has been frequently used to simulate urban road networks in geographical restricted mobility models. However, by analyzing graph attributes of some urban road networks in main cities of Europe and USA, we discovered the discrepancy between real road(More)
A solution is presented to the robust control problem of wheeled mobile robots moving on an uneven surface that is not exactly known. Quadratic surface with unknown but bounded coefficients is utilized to locally approximate the uneven surface. The design procedure is based on the transverse function method, integrator backstepping, and Lyapunov redesign(More)
BACKGROUND To summarize the diagnostic and therapeutic experiences on the patients who suffered abdominal complications after cardiovascular surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass(CPB). METHODS A total of 2349 consecutive patients submitted to cardiovascular surgery with CPB in our hospital from Jan 2004 to Dec 2010 were involved. The clinical data of any(More)