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Group key transfer protocols depend on a mutually trusted key generation center (KGC) to transport the group key to all group members secretly. This approach requires that a trusted sever be set up, and it incurs communication overhead costs. In addition, the existing group key transfer protocols based on secret sharing all use threshold schemes that need(More)
In a proxy blind signature scheme, the proxy signer is allowed to generate a blind signature on behalf of the original signer. The proxy blind signature scheme is useful in several applications such as e-voting, e-payment and mobile agent environments. This paper analyzed the security shortcoming of a proxy blind signature scheme which is proposed by Tan et(More)
—During the last few years, it has become more and more conpeling in mobile applications, mobile IPv6 technology is convenient, but also produces a series of security compromise. Identify authentication is an important part of the network security. In this paper, we proposed a secure identify authentication scheme combining reputation mechanism, which(More)