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Effect of Three-spot Seahorse Petroleum Ether Extract on Lipopolysaccharide Induced Macrophage RAW264.7 Inflammatory Cytokine Nitric Oxide and Composition Analysis.
Three-Spot seahorse is a traditional medicine in Asian countries. However, the alcohol extract is largely unknown for its anti-inflammatory activity. This study aimed at elucidating fraction ofExpand
A Comparative Study of the Effects upon LPS Induced Macrophage RAW264.7 Inflammation in vitro of the Lipids of Hippocampus trimaculatus Leach.
The present study attempts to investigate the anti-inflammatory potential of the isolated lipid extracts of three-spot seahorse which is rare marine bony fish. Petroleum ether (PE) extract wasExpand
Investigations on Vinylene Carbonate. IV. Radiation Induced Graft Copolymerization of Vinylene Carbonate and N-Vinyl-N-Methylacetamide onto Polyethylene Films
Graft copolymerization of binary mixtures of vinylene carbonate (VCA) and N-vinyl-N-methylacetamide (VIMA) onto low density polyethylene (LDPE) films was studied by the mutual γ-irradiationExpand
Investigations on vinylene carbonate. V: Immobilization of alkaline phosphatase onto LDPE films cografted with vinylene carbonate and N-vinyl-N-methylacetamide
Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) films cografted with vinylene carbonate (VCA) and N-vinyl-N-methylacetamide (VIMA) were studied as a matrix for the immobilization of the enzyme alkaline phosphataseExpand
The complete mitochondrial genome of the Black-spot tuskfish (Choerodon schoenleinii)
Abstract Choerodon schoenleinii, a critically endangered ocean fish, is also a highly prized commercial fish. In this study, we present the complete mitochondrial genome of C. schoenleinii based onExpand
The complete mitochondrial genome of the Aluterus monoceros
Abstract The complete mitochondrial genome of Aluterus monoceros (A. monoceros) has been sequenced. The mitochondrial genome of A. monoceros is 16,429 bp in length, consisting of 22 tRNA genes, 2Expand
Monoclonal and oligoclonal TCR AV and BV gene usage in CD4+ T cells from pigs immunised with C-strain CSFV vaccine
The classical swine fever virus C-strain vaccine (C-strain vaccine) plays a vital role in preventing and controlling the spread of classical swine fever (CSF). However, the protective mechanisms ofExpand
Application of Risk-Based Inspection in Ethylene Plant
Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) began from 1993 and standard was issued in 2000 by API. It is the method of inspection which combines economy with safety [1]. But whether it is suitable for equipmentsExpand