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The classic Lanczos method is an effective method for tridiagonalizing real symmetric matrices. Its block algorithm can significantly improve performance by exploiting memory hierarchies. In this paper, we present a block Lanczos method for tridiagonalizing complex symmetric matrices. Also, we propose a novel componentwise technique for detecting the loss(More)
— Collocation methods based on quartic splines are presented for second-order two-point boundary value problems. In order to obtain a uniquely solvable linear system for the degrees of freedom of the quartic spline colloca-tion approximation, in addition to the boundary conditions specified by the problem, extra boundary or near-boundary conditions are(More)
An improved algorithm based on the symmetric uniform linear array (ULA) and the second-order statistics (SOS) is proposed to cope with the mixed far-field and near-field sources localization problem. The direction-of-arrivals (DOAs) and powers of far-field sources can be firstly estimated from the MUSIC spectral function. Then, an oblique projection(More)
Block algorithms have better performance than scalar and single vector algorithms due to their exploitation of memory hierarchy. This paper presents a high performance C implementation of a block Lanczos tridiagonalization algorithm for complex symmetric matrices. The design principles of the implementation and techniques used in the implementation are(More)
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