Shannon Waltz2
Long K. Pham2
Jianmei Che2
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  • Mingxiang Liang, Xiangzhen Yin, Zhongyuan Lin, Qingsong Zheng, Guohong Liu, Gengmao Zhao
  • 2013
NF-Y (NUCLEAR FACTOR-Y), a heterotrimeric transcription factor, is composed of NF-YA, NF-YB, and NF-YC proteins in yeast, animal, and plant systems. In plants, each of the NF-YA/B/C subunit forms a multi-member family. NF-Ys are key regulators with important roles in many physiological processes, such as drought tolerance, flowering time, and seed(More)
We identified pyrvinium pamoate, an old anthelminthic medicine, which preferentially inhibits anchorage-independent growth of cancer cells over anchorage-dependent growth (approximately 10 fold). It was also reported by others to have anti-tumor activity in vivo and selective toxicity against cancer cells under glucose starvation in vitro, but with unknown(More)
The Ndr-related Orb6 kinase is a key regulator of polarized cell growth in fission yeast, however the mechanism of Orb6 activation is unclear. Activation of other Ndr kinases involves both autophosphorylation and phosphorylation by an upstream kinase. Previous reports suggest that the Nak1 kinase functions upstream from Orb6. Supporting this model, we show(More)
  • Helen E. Barnes, Guohong Liu, Christopher Q. Weston, Paula King, Long K. Pham, Shannon Waltz +6 others
  • 2014
To improve the metagenomic analysis of complex microbiomes, we have repurposed restriction endonucleases as methyl specific DNA binding proteins. As an example, we use DpnI immobilized on magnetic beads. The ten minute extraction technique allows specific binding of genomes containing the DpnI Gm6ATC motif common in the genomic DNA of many bacteria(More)
The link between Ca(2+) influx through the L-type calcium channels Ca(v)1.2 or Ca(v)1.3 and glucose- or KCl-induced [Ca(2+)](i) mobilization in INS-1 cells was assessed using the calcium indicator indo-1. Cells responded to 18 mM glucose or 50 mM KCl stimulation with different patterns in [Ca(2+)](i) increases, although both were inhibited by 10 microM(More)
A feeding expriment was performed to investigate the effects of dietary supplementation with Brevibacillus brevis FJAT-1501-BPA fermentation on the growth performance, faecal microflora, faecal enzyme activities and blood parameters of weaned piglets. A total of 150 weaned piglets were randomly assigned to different treatments groups, which were fed the(More)
  • Guohong Liu, Christopher Q. Weston, Long K. Pham, Shannon Waltz, Helen Barnes, Paula King +4 others
  • 2016
We describe continuing work to develop restriction endonucleases as tools to enrich targeted genomes of interest from diverse populations. Two approaches were developed in parallel to segregate genomic DNA based on cytosine methylation. First, the methyl-sensitive endonuclease HpaII was used to bind non-CG methylated DNA. Second, a truncated fragment of(More)