Guohong Huang

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As two of the most commonly used image sensors in night-vision for military applications, infrared (IR) and visible light cameras have their own advantages and limitations due to the physical differences between the image formation processes. In this paper, a new multi-scale scheme for color image fusion is presented using EM algorithm and color transfer(More)
In this paper, we combine the advantages of (2D)<sup>2</sup>PCA and MMC, and propose a two-stage framework: &#x201C;(2D)<sup>2</sup>PCA&#x002B; MMC&#x201D;. Since the extracted features based on (2D)<sup>2</sup>PCA are most expressive and based on maximal margin criterion (MMC) are robust, stable and efficient, in the first stage, a 2D two-directional(More)
In this paper, a new multi-scale scheme for image fusion is presented using texture and edge information. The original images are decomposed into texture and edge maps by pyramid structures. The coefficients corresponding to the filtered texture and edge maps are solved by the singular value decomposition and the linear relationship between Gauss filter and(More)
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