Guoguo Kang

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The development of the dual-band IR imaging polarimetry creates the need for achromatic phase retarder used in dual-band. Dielectric grating with the period smaller than the illuminating wavelength presents a strong form-birefringence. With this feature, the combination of several subwavelength gratings can be used as achromatic phase retarders. We proposed(More)
A deep ultraviolet plasmonic structure is designed and a surface plasmon interference lithography method using the structure is proposed to generate large-area periodic nanopatterns. By exciting the anti-symmetric coupled surface plasmon polaritons in the structure, ultrahigh resolution periodic patterns can be formed in a photoresist. The resolution of the(More)
We report on dual-channel recording within polarization holography written by orthogonal linear polarization waves. The null reconstruction effect (NRE) of linear polarization holography was experimentally achieved at a large cross-angle of π/2 inside the polarization-sensitive media. Based on the NRE, two polarization encoded holograms were recorded in a(More)
We demonstrate a compact middle-wave IR (MWIR) Fabry-Perot (FP) interferometer by replacing the traditional distributed Bragg reflectors consisting of thick multilayer films with two identical metallic subwavelength gratings. The transmission efficiency, resonance peak position, and finesse of the FP interferometer can be controlled by tuning the structural(More)
We report on the null reconstruction of polarization volume hologram recorded by orthogonal circularly polarized waves with a large cross angle. Based on the recently developed tensor theory for polarization holography, the disappearance of the reconstruction was analytically verified, where a nice agreement was found between the experimental and(More)
We report on the inverse polarizing effect (IPE) of an elliptical-polarization recorded hologram at a large recording angle. The IPE is a polarizing phenomenon in which the reconstructed signal switches the major and minor axes and keeps the original polarization, direction compared, to that of the signal wave. In reviewing the case of a linear-polarization(More)
The wavelength margin is a very important characteristic which can make a laser diode to be used possible as a light source in a holography storage system. In this paper, we studied an expending method to decrease bit error rate by adjusting the focal length of the lens to compensate the wavelength drift in the collinear holographic storage system.
A variety of different gold and silver nanostructures have been proposed over the years as high sensitivity surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) sensors. However, efficient use of SERS has been hindered by the difficulty of realizing SERS substrates that provide reproducible SERS response over the whole active area. Here, we show that atomic layer(More)
The performance of infrared (IR) dual-band detector can be substantially improved by simultaneously increasing IR absorptions for both sensor bands. Currently available methods only provide absorption enhancement for single spectral band, but not for the dual-band. The Fabry-Perot (FP) cavity generates a series of resonances in multispectral bands. With(More)
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