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The values of analog circuits' input and output signals and the component parameters are continuous, and meanwhile there are inevitable tolerance and non-linear components in analog circuits, therefore the presence of these factors increases complexity of the analog circuits fault diagnosis. RBF and BP neural network are two widely used feedforward neural(More)
The elastic waves generated by traditional meander-line coil electromagnetic acoustic transducers (EMATs) propagate in two directions, overlapping the echo signals from defects with the same distances, and the defect echo signal is hard to distinguish from the edge-reflected signal when the EMATs are near the edge of a specimen. In this paper, a(More)
Electromagnetic ultrasonic (EMU) Lamb waves excited by electromagnetic acoustic transducers (EMATs) possess many advantages in NDT. However, their characteristic multi-modes and dispersion are disadvantageous for inspection and restrict further improvements in their real applications. By deducing the excitation equation of EMU Lamb waves, the primary design(More)
The electrical life is an important index to evaluate the reliability of relay, and it is closely related with many characteristic parameters of relay such as contact resistance, pick-up time, over-travel time, etc. By using the time series analysis and by taking some characteristic parameters as predicted variables, the life of relay can be obtained by the(More)
Electromagnetic acoustic technique shows great promise in defect detection and classification for being free of couplant, no requirement of surface preconditioning, and being able to excite pure surface acoustic wave, etc. However, the deficiency of designing theories of electromagnetic acoustic transducers (EMATs) makes its transduction efficiency poor.(More)
EFT (electrical fast transient) burst generated when electromechanical component is breaking or closing often disturb the secondary electrical equipment which directly coupled to power supply and grounding, and indirectly couple to signal cable by inductance and capacitance. In this paper, the EMS (electromagnetic sensitivity) of a DC SSR (solid state(More)
Lamb wave has many applications in non-destructive testing as its advantages of the capability for long-range testing from a single location. Electromagnetic ultrasonic technique also has many advantages, such as being free of couplant and preconditioning. So, electromagnetic ultrasonic Lamb wave possesses great superiority in inspection. However, Lamb(More)