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With the development of information technology, cloud computing becomes a new direction of grid computing. Cloud computing is user-centric, and provides end users with leasing service. Guaranteeing the security of user data needs careful consideration before cloud computing is widely applied in business. Virtualization provides a new approach to solve the(More)
Monitoring virtual machine (VM) is an essential function for virtualized platforms. Existing solutions are either coarse-grained – monitoring in granularity of VM level, or not general – only support specific monitoring functions for particular guest operating system (OS). Thus they do not satisfy the monitoring requirement in large-scale(More)
<i>Intrusion Prevention System</i> (IPS) has been an effective tool to detect and prevent unwanted attempts, which are mainly through network and system vulnerabilities, at accessing and manipulating computer systems. Intrusion detection and prevention are two main functions of IPS. As attacks are becoming massive and complex, the traditional centralized(More)
Virtualization is a pillar technology in cloud computing for multiplexing computing resources on a single cloud platform for multiple cloud tenants. Monitoring the behavior of virtual machines (VMs) on a cloud platform is a critical requirement for cloud tenants. Existing monitoring mechanisms on virtualized platforms either takes a complete VM as the(More)
The file system becomes the usual target of malicious attacks because it contains lots of sensitive data, such as executable programs, configuration and authorization information. File integrity monitoring is an effective approach to discover aggressive behavior by detecting modification actions on these sensitive files. Traditional real-time integrity(More)
One of the motivations for virtualization technology is the desire to develop new services to enhance system security without trusting both the applications and the operating systems. An intrusion detection system is an example of such service that can help to isolate users from malicious attacks. In this paper, we propose hybrid-based intrusion detection(More)
In grid and cloud computing infrastructures, the integrity of a computing platform is a critical security requirement in order to provide secure and honest computing environments to service providers and resource consumers. However, due to the fact that software components running on a single platform are usually provided and maintained by different(More)
With the development of virtualization technology, file protection in virtual machine, especially in guest OS, becomes more and more important. Traditional host-based file protection system resides the critical modules in monitored system, which is easily explored and destroyed by malwares. Moreover, in order to protect the multiple operation systems(More)