Guofu Xiang

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With the development of information technology, cloud computing becomes a new direction of grid computing. Cloud computing is user-centric, and provides end users with leasing service. Guaranteeing the security of user data needs careful consideration before cloud computing is widely applied in business. Virtualization provides a new approach to solve the(More)
—Monitoring virtual machine (VM) is an essential function for virtualized platforms. Existing solutions are either coarse-grained–monitoring in granularity of VM level, or not general–only support specific monitoring functions for particular guest operating system (OS). Thus they do not satisfy the monitoring requirement in large-scale server cluster such(More)
<i>Intrusion Prevention System</i> (IPS) has been an effective tool to detect and prevent unwanted attempts, which are mainly through network and system vulnerabilities, at accessing and manipulating computer systems. Intrusion detection and prevention are two main functions of IPS. As attacks are becoming massive and complex, the traditional centralized(More)
This paper presents a fully automatic approach to fitting a generic facial model to detailed range scans of human faces to reconstruct 3D facial models and textures with no manual intervention (such as specifying landmarks). A Scaling Iterative Closest Points (SICP) algorithm is introduced to compute the optimal rigid registrations between the generic model(More)
— This paper presents a fully automatic approach of spatio-temporal facial expression tracking for 4D range scans without any manual interventions (such as specifying landmarks). The approach consists of three steps: rigid registration , facial model reconstruction, and facial expression tracking. A Scaling Iterative Closest Points (SICP) algorithm is(More)