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A GPGPU-based collision detection algorithm is proposed. Firstly, the information of OBB hierarchy tree and triangles of tested objects are mapped into some data textures designed for GPGPU-based calculation, such as triangle vertex textures, bounding box size texture, tree node relationship texture, etc., then these textures are downloaded to GPU to(More)
VR-based technology is a feasible idea for remote distance operation. Aiming the present material handling machine status, which is widely used in mine, port, train station, etc al, in this paper, the scheme of IR-based material handling remote operating for engineering machine (VMHROEM) is presented. The frame of this system is build, and simulating theory(More)
1.1 Railway vehicle virtual prototyping In recent years, knowledge-based new product competition has become the mainstream of manufacturing competitiveness. As an important way to simulate various problems of complex mechanical systems, virtual prototyping technology is being widely used. It supports concurrent engineering and emphasizes the overall product(More)
Hydraulic systems are utilized extensively as a method for controlling the distribution of energy within complex construction machinery. In this paper, ADAMS is employed to build a prototype of hydraulic excavator including the link mechanism of excavator working equipment and the hydraulic sub-system. The sub-systems are connected with loads, displacement,(More)
Top-down design can support complex product system innovation development efficiently. A CAD-CAE integration modeling methodology is put forward based on multi-level assembly model in this paper. In support of skeleton modeling, the multi-level assembly model has four levels, including abstract skeleton level, primitive skeleton level, detail model level(More)
According to the property of numerical control lathe in material removal simulation, this paper presents the idea of space division, convert the moving relation between tools and workpiece into logical estimation of space position, and define relative rules to avoid complex computation. In this paper, the algorithm is studied in details, based on which we(More)
This paper presents a comprehensive surface waviness control technology for 5-axis flank milling. Through constructing dual NURBS curves to describe toolpath, the feedrate and rotary axis optimization method is proposed. Through controlling milling area rate, the proposed method could improve the 5-axis flank milling state under the constrains of cutting(More)
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