Guofeng Tong

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In this paper, a method for locating objects in spherical panorama is proposed. Given a set of reference images for reference stored in the database and a query image, we would find the nearest image in the database, and then label the corresponding location on the spherical panorama. Since there are differences between spherical panoramic image and query(More)
To overcome the limitations of the special architectures adopted by traditional industrial robots, an embedded intelligent robot platform based on Windows CE.NET is established by customizing the operating system. On this intelligent robot platform, all major necessary sensors are included, and abundant control interfaces and driver modules are available,(More)
One challenge for the industry is to predict the performance degradation of a system based on existing observations and to take predictive maintenance action to prevent faults and failures from occurring. In this paper, a new method for hybrid system’s performance assessment is introduced, which uses Particle Filter. The novel characteristic of this(More)
This paper presents an efficient Omni-directional Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (vSLAM) algorithm based on spherical camera model and 3D modeling. In the paper, the robot has the ability of Omni-directional vision, which makes the algorithm more adaptive in an unknown environment. To get spherical panoramic images, we choose the panoramic(More)
Three-dimensional scene information retrieval has became an important research topic in the subject of Mobile Robot Vision and is useful for many applications, such as Mobile Robot Navigation and Mobile Robot target tracking. This paper presents a 3D information retrieval system for Mobile Robot Vision, which relies on the spherical compound eye structure(More)
In this paper, the system of Chinese chess robot is demonstrated, and it presents the latest development of artificial intelligence. The robot could play Chinese chess with human autonomously - with “eyes” it can recognize the pieces on the chessboard and move them with its mechanical arm. Furthermore, it has high intelligence which could(More)
To facilitate the development of intelligent robots, a virtual entity based rapid prototype developing framework (VE-RPDF) is proposed. It aims at helping design intelligent robots through the following steps: rapidly setting up a robot prototype, coding for the control strategy and algorithm, and optimizing the robot design by testing it on both virtual(More)
A HiFi 3D simulation platform for humanoid robot is a high fidelity simulation system, which is composed of server module, client module and debugger module. Its main functions include the 3D/2D real-time display, strategy-loader, human-computer interaction and intelligent referee. The platform simulates almost all the processes in a real humanoid robot(More)