Guofeng Song

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A numerical and theoretical study is presented on the exhibition of tunable narrow band coupled-induced transparency phenomenon in a hybrid waveguide-plasmon system consisting of gold twin nanowires array embedded in a slab waveguide. We show that, at slightly non-normal incidence, a properly designed splitting of transmission with narrow transparency peaks(More)
In this Letter, we propose a hybrid plasmonic nanosystem consisting of a silver cladding layer with a semicylinder bump on top of InGaAsP nanowire. Because of the coupling between the dielectric waveguide mode and surface plasmon polariton mode, the hybrid plasmonic mode can exhibit low loss with strong field localization. The finite element method(More)
Metallic back structures with one-dimensional periodic nanoridges attached to a thin-film amorphous Si (a-Si) solar cell are numerically studied. At the interfaces between a-Si and metal materials, the excitation of surface-plasmon polaritons leads to obvious absorption enhancements in a wide near-IR range for different ridge shapes and periods. The highest(More)
A metal/air/metal (MAM) plasmonic grating waveguide (PGW) consisting of two parallel silver slabs with periodic corrugations on their inner boundaries is developed to slow down the group velocity of surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs) excited at near-infrared frequencies. For a Gaussian pulse excitation with the full width at half maxim (FWHM) of 222 fs and(More)
We propose a hybrid waveguide-plasmon system consisting of gold pillar arrays on top of a dielectric waveguide. The formation of extraordinary transmissions induced by the hybrid waveguide-plasmon resonances is investigated by rigorous coupled-wave analysis. The characteristics of the hybrid resonances can be predicted by introducing the photonic crystal(More)
The formations of the surface plasmon polariton (SPP) bands in metal/air/metal (MAM) sub-wavelength plasmonic grating waveguide (PGW) are proposed. The band gaps originating from the highly localized resonances inside the grooves can be simply estimated from the round trip phase condition. Due to the overlap of the localized SPPs between the neighboring(More)
In this paper, we analyze light transmission through a single subwavelength slit surrounded by periodic grooves in layered films consisting of Au and dielectric material. A subwavelength grating is scanned numerically by the finite difference time domain method in two dimensions. The results show that the transmission field can be confined to a spot with(More)