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Improvement of canny algorithm based on pavement edge detection
In this paper we introduce an improved Canny edge detection algorithm and an edge preservation filtering procedure for pavement edge detection applications. Data of pavement images were randomlyExpand
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In intelligent transportation system, research on vehicle detection and classification has high theory significance and application value. According to the traditional methods of vehicle detectionExpand
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Effect of 2‐ethylhexyl acrylate and N‐acryloylmorpholine on the properties of polyurethane/acrylic hybrid materials
A hybrid synthesis technology was used to prepare waterborne polyurethane/acrylic hybrid emulsions by polymerization of methyl methacrylate, butyl acrylate, 2-ethylhexyl acrylate(EHA), andExpand
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Effect of continuous high temperature exposure on the adhesive strength of epoxy adhesive, CFRP and adhesively bonded CFRP-aluminum alloy joints
Abstract To investigate the degradation mechanism of adhesively bonded CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastics)-aluminum alloy joints applied to high speed EMUs (electric multiple units) afterExpand
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Dynamic Resource Dispatch Strategy for WebGIS Cluster Services
in order to meet the requirements of massive data processing and high quality of service, a WebGiS(Web Geographic information System) cluster system has been developed which has the capability ofExpand
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An Information Integration Platform for Mobile Computing
An information integration platform is developed to transport messages, files, structural data, semi structural data, and stream media at the same time. The GPS (Global Position System) informationExpand
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Design and Performance Analysis on Static and Dynamic Pipelined CPU in Course Experiment of Computer Architecture
This paper presents a design method of static pipelined CPU and dynamic pipelined CPU with field programable gate array (FPGA) in the computer architecture course. This course experiment project is aExpand
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Resource Sharing and Remote Utilization in Communication Servers
The communication cluster servers require many key technologies in an information integration platform. in order to improve dependability, scalability, and other QoS features, we design a systemExpand
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Remote Video Monitor of Vehicles in Cooperative Information Platform
Detection of vehicles plays an important role in the area of the modern intelligent traffic management. And the pattern recognition is a hot issue in the area of computer vision. An auto- recognitionExpand
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Resource Symmetric Dispatch Model for Internet of Things on Advanced Logistics
Business applications in advanced logistics service are highly concurrent. In this paper, we propose a resource symmetric dispatch model for the concurrent and cooperative tasks of the Internet ofExpand
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